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Why it's Important We Attended Super Zoo

Super Zoo is North America's largest retail event. It's certainly more than a trade show. There were many education courses geared towards groomers. Below are a few of the ones Lorraigne attended:

  1. Navigating Difficult Dogs: This is sometimes one of the most challenging things about grooming. If we could only find a way to get some dogs to understand that we are only trying to help and to make them beautiful with the least amount of fuss. Lorraigne received training on tips and techniques to groom dogs in a way that respects their worries and anxieties.

  2. De-shedding: De-shedding is more than just taking out the dryer and blowing all the loose hair out. There's much more to it than that as de-shedding is time consuming and taxing on the body. Lorraigne learned specific techniques and products that support working smarter rather than harder, with the result of your dog having a beautiful, lower maintenance coat.

  3. Lorraigne attended a Groomer's Masterclass Guide to Skin Health: Dermatological Anatomy, Diseases, and Why Skin is so important. Dr. Micah Kohles, DVM, MPA, (Chief Veterinary Officer at Company Pet Brands) taught that dermatological knowledge is not just for vets. The best groomers are are knowledgeable in skin and diseases that affect it, and Lorraigne is committed to continue gaining knowledge in this area to share with our loyal pet parent clients.

  4. Last, but not least, Lorraigne became CPR Certified after 5 hours of intense training!

And this is why it is so important that we attend this event. It shows our commitment

to being the best groomer for your furry angels!

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