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The Treatment

Our affordable pet grooming and dog grooming services serve the Bountiful, Farmington, North Salt Lake, Kaysville, West Bountiful, Woodscross, and Centerville. Basically, if you are in Davis county and do a search "near me", you will find us. At our shop in Bountiful, we have big beautiful windows that look outside to Bountiful's Main Street. We are one of the best local small businesses in Bountiful.


One of our first priorities of our pet grooming and dog grooming in Bountiful is to make sure that we provide a safe environment for the dogs. For that reason, we require proof of vaccination for each dog that we groom.


We have constructed a dividing wall separating the front welcoming area from the grooming area. This way the dogs do not see people walking into the shop or people walking outside on the sidewalk. This prevents the dog from feeling unneeded stress or being startled in a way that may produce injury, for example, when the groomer uses scissors to give a teddy bear cut around the face area and eyes.

Your pet will receive the individualized attention they deserve rather than the assembly line of dogs at a national pet retailer such as Petco or Petsmart.


Noise is a further stressor and produces anxiety for dogs as they have sensitive ears and do not know what is happening. For that reason, at ShowerLove, we dry only one dog at a time. In addition, when we do dry, we use a special “happy hoody” to safeguard their hearing.


When giving a dog a bath, we use warm water and the best shampoos, facial cleaners, and conditioners for dogs. At ShowerLove, for each dog, we apply and rinse the shampoo three times! Our standard shampoos are formulated with unique herbal blends to protect, repair  & naturally nourish the skin and coat. The shampoo gently cleans and delivers nutrients to the coat, creating a fuller, more beautiful look. Our facial cleaner is hypoallergenic and prevents dryness and skin and eye irritation, bringing out the true beauty of your furry friends face. We have a variety of conditioners for the dogs unique needs. We have a re-moisturizer, a de-tangler, a de-shedding, a de-matter and a repair. Our conditioners contain no additives that can create unnecessary build-up. Your dog will certainly leave our pet spa smelling great not to mention how great they will look--check out the Gallery Page!

Kennel Time

Each dog receives personalized attention from start to finish, reducing the amount of kennel time, if the kennel is needed at all.

Premises Cleaning

We constantly clean, disinfect, and sanitize the bathing and grooming area. The grooming table and the floor surrounding it are cleaned and vacuumed after each groom, so that your dog is not covered in another dogs hair. In addition, the groomers tools are disinfected after each groom. This also providers the groomer with a “clean slate” for each groom, promoting the individualized attention to each dog. Our groomers use different clippers for different parts of the body, for example, we use different clippers for the paws, the sanitary area, and the face.

Avoid the look and feel of big box national chains like Petsmart and Petco. The ShowerLove Pet Spa is quaint, airy, spacious, and clean with large windows looking out to the comfort and sounds of Main Street, Bountiful. ShowerLove is your local neighborhood dog grooming spa within walking distance of salons and boutiques and the best cookies and ice creams around.

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