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When Your Dog is a Teenager

In her Guest Essay in the New Your Times titled, "When Your Dog is a Teenager", Amanda Horowitz, a cognitive scientist who studies dogs, informs us that "teendom [is] thought to be, for dogs, from approximately 6 months old (varying by breed) through their 2nd birthday." ShowerLove Pet Grooming Spa cautions patience for these dogs, because, as Ms. Horowitz points out, in-between being a puppy and an adolescent, they are teenagers, which is marked by "[a]n increase in hormones that leads to a dog's sexual maturation and a growth spurt also has secondary results, including increased sensitivities and less self-control . . . [and this is a] "primary reason for abandoning doges in shelters." So, as mentioned above, please be patient, and we will be too, with your teenage dogs.

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