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Dander and Flaky skin free!

To help prevent that “dander” or those “small flakes of skin”, which can cause allergies from any dog, take steps to care for you dog’s skin. Our top 2 recommendations:

(1) bring your dog in for a regular groom and

(2) make sure you dog’s diet is a healthy one.

One of the main reasons to bring your dog in for a regular groom is that with every groom, we bath the dog. We can use anti-dandruff, medicinal, and soothing oatmeal shampoos. We love taking care of your dog in these ways, but, in between grooms, ensure your dog has a great diet. Do some research on Google or talk to your vet for what to feed your dog. And always remember, it’s not always about the owners. Your wonderful friends don’t want to be itchy.

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